Roasted Duck Legs with Plum sauce

Roasted Duck Legs with Plum sauce

By Kira

Dinner can’t get much simpler and delicious than this one. All I have to do is season the duck legs with salt and pepper and cook in oven 160 fan for 90 mins. How easy is that? End result is perfectly cook duck legs with crispy skin. I served it with plum sauce, it was so delicious. By the way, I used Gressingham duck legs, they are perfect.

It was so delicious, it brought back the memory of confit duck I had at Cafe Rouge. Cafe Rouge is the French cuisine, with branches all over London. We discovered Cafe Rouge accidentally. We decided to dine their after a having a worst airline experience at the Heathrow airport.

My connecting flight got cancelled, I was put on a different flight without an even informing me. I started a reasonable conversation stating it won’t work for me as I will miss my other connection as well and its their responsibilities to inform me before issuing boarding pass. The crazy part here is I particularly enquired about my flight status the moment I reached the counter. The airlines ridiculous response turned the nature of my conversation into an argument. Since, they are unwillingly to give me a workable alternate, I decided not take this flight. Meanwhile, someone so intelligent had sent my bag in for loading. After speaking to ‘n’ number of officials, they decided to unload me. It didn’t end there, I have to wait for more than an hour to get my bags back 😦

There I was exhausted, hungry and dragging my foot to get back home. So sad that I wont be able to meet my dad and more than that I cant get my wonderful homemade pecan brownies to him 🙂 . We crossed Cafe Rouge and my equal decided to treat me. I ordered for confit duck. My order was presented beautifully with confit duck leg, plum sauce and plums along with potato dauphinoise. The confit duck was cooked perfectly with crispy skin, it tasted awesome with plum sauce. It was divine and not to forget the dauphinoise with atleast ten layer of potatoes and melted cheese on the top. Wow, I was so delighted. Cafe Rouge’s confit duck really made my day.



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